Artist Biography

Sarah Schneemann is a St. Paul, MN native.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Studio Art with a Minor in Spanish at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, MN. Since 1998 her work has been locally exhibited and can be found in small galleries and in many private collections throughout the US as well as Germany and New Zealand. Sarah Schneemann currently resides in White Bear Lake, MN with her Husband Gerrit and their daughter Nathali.

Artist Statement

“My work is made up of simple form and space, avoiding specific details in order to open up discussion on more complex issues. I’m a multi-media artist that explores visceral feelings evoked through the reality and consequences of  life, love, religion and relationships. My primary interest in painting has been to explore the surface of paint as both a place of conjuring of a human presence and as a medium that exudes its own qualities. I continue to be fascinated and driven by the need to explore this simultaneous possibility that can exist in the skin of paint, that of human presence and of painting materiality. I’ve also engaged in the exploration of the materiality of paint, and in other materials used in conjunction with paint. In some cases I’ve employed non-traditional art-making materials. I am interested in both the ‘representational’ qualities and possibilities of paint, and in the ‘presentational’ qualities: those characteristics that exert on us a more visceral force. The figures I create are reflections of my ideas about the human form. A large portion of my work exemplifies these figures in order to portray metaphors of psychological and physical pain. My work is a continual exploration of the human form and its relationship to the temporal space it inhabits.  Recently, the space itself has become more of an abstract narrative, sometimes without the figure. Music is an integral part of my process. Music in my studio helps take me to an altered state of mind where brushstrokes often follow the beat and forms materialize, simultaneously revealing and disappearing as the music moves me.”

Current Works

“My current work begins with my fascination of the resilient human body.  My current artistic outlet consists of building muscle, as I’m fascinated by the idea of pushing my own body’s physicality and strength as far as it can tolerate.  I plan to translate these corporeal transitions of achievement into ideas on paper capturing the awe-inspiring sustainability of the human body.  Bodybuilding is not an art form that takes place over a period of one week or even one month.  It is a continual process, encompassing 24-hour periods of many steadfast months and years, in which I have only just begun.”


My Inspirations

Frida Kahlo:  for her use of bright colors, dramatic symbolism, primitive style, and how she combined elements of the classic religious Mexican tradition with surrealist renderings.

Salvador Dahli:  for his highly imaginative paintings, and how he enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork.

El Greco: for his tortuously elongated figures.


Please contact Sarah for comments, questions, or commissions. Some originals are still available for sale.

Phone: #651-560-3092

Email: s.e.schneemann@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sarahschneemannart